Archievement unlocked: First content!

“… We interrupt the regular broadcast for astonishing newz from the AAI center: Vice-CEO Mr.Gimp recently announced that just over the past month they invented something very breathtaking: It`s called… “content“. Nobody nows how it may service humanity, solve badly problems or whether it does anything at all, but we assume that the AAI center will shortly explain it to us. Until then we have to wait. And perhaps to pray for our lives.


Stay tuned….”


Welcome to our discussion forum!

Here you will see all our work. All ideas, thoughts and information (in shortcut) that may or may not be seen on our website in future, present and past. This blog was created as a discussion forum, so feel free to comment everything you´re intrested in. Maybe you found a mistake, have a question, liked a certain thing especially ectera…

For all of you who never visited our main website: Welcome to Altalde Innovations!

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